Why Voice?

Why Voice?

Here are Veni Loqui we believe that speech is the most natural form of communication. After all, it’s what the early humans used to communicate with each other while sitting around a fire on the Serengeti thousands of years ago; in contrast, the keyboard has been with us for a mere 150 years.

So we’re pretty excited by the emergence of the latest Voice Assistants and the opportunities they present for evolving User Interfaces to embrace them.

The UI becomes VUI

Since its introduction, the visual UI developed hugely as its ubiquity grew, and now the VUI is set to do the same. To achieve acceptance, Voice Applications will need to be intuitive to use, forgiving by nature, tolerate interruptions, and at Veni Loqui we’re focusing on developing the techniques required to deliver robust and reliable conversational Voice Applications.

It’s an exciting time to be working in Voice, and we are determined to help shift the VUI from novelty to mainstream.

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