About Us


Under the VoxLR8 brand we’ve released a range of quizzes based on our own Quiz Template which have been well received and, during the 2017 Christmas period were among the “top performing skills on Alexa”. (Amazon’s words, not ours!)

Why quizzes? While we like quizzes, we chose them because to be enjoyable, they have to actually WORK! Nobody likes a quiz that fails halfway through, takes an accidental cough as your answer, or makes you start again if you don’t have time to finish it! Thus, we’ve found quizzes are a great vehicle to develop the techniques required to deliver robust and reliable conversational Voice Applications.

Check out Daily Dilemma, Superhero Movie Quiz, Christmas Music Quiz, Christmas Movie Quiz and Apollo Quiz in the Alexa skills store now.
Stay tuned for our new Alexa Skill optimised for the Echo Show and Echo Spot Coming Soon.

Alexa, Open Daily Dilemma
Alexa, Open Superhero Movie Quiz
Alexa, Open Christmas Music Quiz
Alexa, Open Christmas Movie Quiz
Alexa, Open Apollo Quiz